The Band Has Lost A Member

Updated July 29, 2012

From Joanne (Lento) Miller... I have some very sad news. One of our long time alums, Tom Branca passed away July 26th of a massive heart attack. Any of you that were at our Reunion July 14th (just 12 days before) were there to enjoy Tom & his wife's (Mira) company, his lively stories, deep belly laugh, his carefully constructed scrapbooks from the good "old days" and cherished memories of BPBB that we have only heard about. When I hear more, I'll pass it on. In the meantime, if you have photos or video from that night, please post it so we can all look back & smile.

I haven't even had time to revise the e-mail list since the Reunion, so if you see anyone glaringly missing from this list, please let them (or me) know.

Thanks all & take care of yourselves!

Joanne (Lento) Miller

Redesigning the Burbank Police Band Web Page Is Still Underway

Hi all!  It's time we got this page updated.  Yes, there's the Facebook page, but we'd like to include the band's history, via a time line, with photos, members' memoirs, etc.  It's not a requirement, but please join our Facebook page, and get ahold of Bill Kuzma for info on how to contribute.

Curt Cassingham
Flute, 1966-1969